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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Don't pray for St Wayne

I have been thinking.... does fate hate England’s national sports teams? Or are we just a nation of limbs stuck together with sticky back plastic? It is serious a issue because all of our top sports stars end up getting broken! Whether they are injured just before a major sporting tournament, like Beckham, Owen, Bryan Robson, Paula Radcliffe before the Olympics, and Wayne Rooney twice! Or they’re just injured every 5 minutes like Jonny Wilkinson or Freddie Flintoff or Michael Owen again! I mean there not fringe players in their respective sports, they’re the best player in the team and they are always injured. Every four years before a World Cup you just know that our best player is going to be injured, and we will encouraged by the Sun newspaper to set up a shrine for the player and pray that he regains his fitness. Well I think this could be where we are going wrong. I think we shouldn't set up a shrine for St Wayne using crumpled up bits of The Sun's page 3, but go the opposite way, just don't care. Nations who relax generally tend do well, look at the Germans, all they care about is making sure there towel is on every single sun bed in the world, and they have won the World Cup god knows how many times! Either stop caring or pray to God and ask him to use stronger sticky back plastic on everyone that’s English.

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